10 Easy Steps to schedule your Plastic Surgery Holiday in Medellín,

get your surgery done and return to your country with amazing results!

How to Schedule your Trip

Step 1: Submitting an Enquiry and Photos

To provide you the best service, we require that you fill out all the stages of the Pre-Consultation Form ; and you send us this form accompanied by good quality pictures, which will provide us the necessary information; allowing our plastic surgeons to evaluate your case and give you an exact and appropriate medical diagnosis, and a quotation tailored to meet your needs.

Required Photographs
Full-body pictures (for body surgery): Front, back and profile.
Facial pictures (for face surgery): Front and profile (both sides: right & left).
Only those applications including the photographs will be taken into consideration and studied by our Health Care Professionals.

NOTE: All information received will be treated as strictly confidential.

Step 2: Treatment Confirmation & Quote

Following the receipt of your general enquiry form and close up photos, you will obtain your all inclusive plastic surgery package cost which includes the cost of the procedures tailored to your needs and expectations and we will let you know the length of time you will need to spend in Colombia.
The amount fixed by Plastic Surgery Travel on the first stage is your definitive amount. With Plastic Surgery Travel there is no hidden cost!

Your quote includes:

  • The Surgical Procedure
  • Surgeons, Anesthetist, and all medical team fees
  • Implants (if any)
  • Stay at Hospital
  • Stay in a 4**** Hotel including the necessary time you will need to spend in Colombia
  • All breakfeasts at Hotel
  • All the Pre and Post-operative Consultations
  • Transportation (Airport / Hotel  –  Hotel / Hospital   Hotel – To all Consultations with surgeon and medical team)
  • Bilingual Assistant

Once you have rewieved all the information and have decided to proceed, you can schedule your trip with one of our Patient Care Center advisors.

Step 3: Scheduling your Trip

To help you throughout the preparation of your trip, you will be assigned a Patient Information Center advisor.
He/she will answer all the questions you should have concerning your trip and your surgery.
He/she will be in charge of planning your medical trip, arrange all the appointments and make the reservations with plastic surgeons, anesthetist, hospital, medical laboratory, hotel…
If you have any questions, he/she will answer all your questions and address your concerns.

Step 4: The Reservation

After you have decided the date of your departure, you will have to make your reservation.

How can I make my trip reservation?
Make your reservation is very quick and easy, there are two possible ways to reserve your trip:
1) You can make the reservation of your trip paying the total amount of your package before your arrival in Colombia. In this case you will have to make an international bank to bank transfer.

2) Or if you do not want to pay any amount before you meet the surgeon, you can make the reservation of your trip just sending us by email the copy of your travel arrangement (purchase confirmation of your flight ticket), including all the information concerning your flight (date and hour of arrival and departure, Airline Company, flight number, etc).
This process will avoid you to make an international bank-to-bank transfer or to send money before your arrival in Colombia.
If you choose this way to reserve your trip; the total amount of your package will have to be paid the day of your arrival after your first consultation with your surgeon.

The payment:
If you choose to pay your package in Colombia; we only accept American dollars, Euros. Credit / Debit Cards are not accepted.

Step 5: Scheduling the Trip

At the latest within 3 days following receipt your payment (or the copy your flight ticket), your consultant will plan your personalized trip and send the schedule to you with regards to all the information concerning your surgery and your stay in Colombia:
Dates of the pre-operative medical consultation and of the required medical test
Day of your operation,
Hotel reservations
Bilingual assistant’s schedule
Lists of pre-operative instructions
Schedule of your tourist package in case your require some tourist activities
Post-operative information etc…

Step 6: Arrival at José María Córdova International Airport (MDE) - Medellin

When you arrive at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you and will take you to your hotel accommodation.
Your personal assistant will be waiting for you at the hotel; she/he will speak your language and will answer all your questions regarding your trip.
You will receive a portfolio which contains a detailed agenda of your trip and detailed documentation regarding the procedures.

Step 7: Day of your arrival

You will attend the first appointment with your surgeon and medical team either on the day of your arrival or the following day. (It will depend depend on the hour of your arrival in Colombia).
All the medical studies will have to be made in your own country (to avoid loss of time once in Colombia), however if unusually some additional medical studies are required by your surgeon they will be have to be made the same day. Your personal assistant will accompany you at all times.

Step 8: Your Surgical Intervention

Your surgical procedure(s) will be carried out the next day.
On the day of surgery you will be picked up by your assistant from your hotel accommodation and taken to the hospital.
All administration and patient admission details will be taken care of. Your service manager will visit you each day, and will be there to pick you up when you are discharged after your surgery. You will then be driven back to the hotel accommodation for complete rest and relaxation to fully recover from your surgery. She/he will continue to visit you every day at your hotel after your surgery, and will arrange all your post-surgery consultations with your surgeon (and will also escort you there and back). He / She will also arrange any dental or other appointments you wish to make, if you have not previously booked these before you arrive.

Step 9: Post Operative & Convalescence

You will recover following the doctor’s instructions. The first few days after surgery are the most important to get adequate rest. Usually, 2 to 4 post-surgical appointments will be necessary for the surgeon to check your general condition and ensure that you are healing well.
During the first one, your surgeon examines the bandages and the patient’s general condition.
The stitches will be removed during the final consultation (if applicable), and your surgeon will give his authorization so that you may return to your country or origin.
After recovering, once the surgeon is pleased with your progress, you will be given authorization to enjoy some of the interesting attractions our city offers. We’ll make all necessary arrangements for you to make some travel excursion either within or outside the city, according to the doctor’s permission.

Step 10: The return to your Country

A driver will chauffeur you from the hotel to the airport in order to fly back home and enjoy your new achievement.
Our commitment doesn’t finish there. Plastic Surgery Travel will keep in touch with you even after you have returned to your country.
So if after having returned to your country, you have any doubts or questions, you can maintain contact with us by email or telephone.