Welcome To Plastic Surgery Travel

About Us

We provides nonpareil plastic surgery packages in Colombia with well trained board certified plastic surgeons that have at least seven years of experience and can deliver amazing results.

Our clientele come from all walks of life – from stay at home mom’s to executives, ambassadors, athletes, celebrities and more. Our standard package includes:

  • Reception at airport in Medellin, Colombia
  • Personal cell phone
  • Personal bilingual assistant
  • Surgery with a board certified surgeon
  • Anesthesiology and clinic fees
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Pre-surgical medical exams
  • One support garment worn after surgery
  • Post-surgery assistant for three days (two hours each day)
  • All predetermined medication and bandages
  • Return transportation to the airport

We partner with people who love what they do; it’s that simple. Our staff is passionate about people and cosmetic surgery; so whether getting surgery in your hometown or with Plastic Surgery Travel you may ask, what’s the secret ingredient? The answer is LOVE for you, the client, the industry and making peoples’ lives better.

Our philosophy is simple: we want our patients to be 100% satisfied with our service….period. That philosophy led to our mission.

To provide excellent surgery at the most reasonable prices without sacrificing quality or safety and delivering excellence.

We realize that surgery is somewhat stressful but it does not have to be that way. We take all of the stress and worry away and make this a pleasant experience for all. We have helped thousands of patients through the years. We have gained unmatched expertise in the art of medical tourism.

We have learned to listen and we have used that knowledge to grow our company to what it is now, the finest medical tourism company in all of Colombia. We are a mature company that understands the expectations and requirements of our clients.

“We believe in treating people the way we would want to be treated”.

Plastic Surgery Travel was Born in 2006.

The co-founders has traveled to South America for business and saw how cosmetic surgery was so much more advanced than in the US and Europe – places where they had spent a great deal of time. While doing their research they were amazed to see the quality of cosmetic surgery in Colombia along with a cost that was far lower than the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc.

They quickly realized that surgery was available at a reasonable price which would allow people who chose Colombia to afford cosmetic surgery that was cost-prohibitive in their home countries. In most countries cosmetic surgery was something only the wealthy could afford. The co-founders saw this as an opportunity to offer this clients worldwide. They saw the opportunity to provide safe high quality cosmetic surgery at a fraction of North American and European prices, and with better skilled doctors.

Not only were the surgeons highly skilled but the advances in cosmetic surgery procedures that they offered far outweighed their US and European counterparts. After a year of in-depth research to determine the best location for this new venture, they narrowed it down to two countries: Brazil and Colombia. The decision was extremely tough, but Colombia was chosen over Brazil because of the following reasons:

  • It is closer to North America where a majority of the clients would come from. In fact, it is only a three hour flight from Miami.
  • There were over 44,000 Americans and Europeans living in Colombia who gave us great insight from an American and European point of view.
  • Americans and Europeans have distinct body types and view South American women and men as the ideal. Colombia has long been idealized by the world when it comes to beauty. The climate in Colombia is better for surgery than the hot weather of Brazil as the temperature is more mild and conducive to recovery after surgery.
  • Since price is a big factor for anyone traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery we chose Colombia. The Euro, Dollar and all other currencies were worth a lot more in Colombia than Brazil.